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Moses Had It Right!

Volume 43

July 2020

Number 7


I am TOTALLY CONVINCED that the HOPE for the Future is NOT in the Church multiplying her ACTIVITIES, but in her PURIFYING HER HEARTRENEWING HER DEVOTION and CLARIFYING HER MISSION. TRUE there have been periods in Church History, when her FAITH was not CONQUERING, her PASSION not HOLY, her JOY not CONTAGIOUS and her SERVICE not HEROIC. But then, PRAISE HIS NAME, GOD sent TRUE REVIVAL to HIS CHURCH. 

The RESULTS? Light broke, Blessings came, her soul Restored (Psalm 23:3) and the Spiritual deserts were once again made to BLOSSOM. And now Beloved, Rejoice in this: What has been done, can be done!! 

"For the Lord's arm is not shortened, neither is His ear heavy"--Isaiah 59:1.

How is TRUE REVIVAL POSSIBLE? Listen to Moses. He said it was THE CLOUD and ONLY THE CLOUD that God's People needed. While TODAY'S RELIGIOUS LEADERS are SEMINARING the Church to death in their attempts to attract the CROWDS, Moses was concerned for ONE THING: THE CLOUD

Moses knew the CROWD was at best NOTHING more than a RELIGIOUS CIRCUS (and it does not matter how well known the RINGMASTER is) WITHOUT THE CLOUD. All the ACTIVITIES to ATTRACT Crowds to our Churches are in VAIN...unless the CLOUD is present. For you see, THE CLOUD in the Book of Exodus is symbolic of GOD'S PRESENCE! GOD'S REAL PRESENCE MUST RETURN TO CHURCH LIFE before we ever again make a SPIRITUAL IMPACT upon the crowds of our day!

Moses had it RIGHT when he said in Exodus 33:15: "And he said unto HIM, If thy PRESENCE go not with me, carry us not hence." If we could only make this TRUTH the HEART CRY OF the CHURCH TODAY, REVIVAL would be underway!

THANK YOU for Your Love, Prayers and Gifts during these days. I am doing well. I love YOU dearly in our Lord. Now a word from HIS WORD: Exodus 40:34-38.

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