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Constantly Remind!

Volume 42

September 2019

Number 9


We must CONSTANTLY REMIND ourselves...There is ONLY ONE REASON for the NEED of REVIVAL, and that is THE SIN-SICK CONDITION OF GOD’S PEOPLE in the LOCAL CHURCHES of this nation. This is why the PROPHET’S MINISTRY is so greatly needed TODAY.

The Prophets of the Past always stayed FOCUSED on the SINFUL CONDITION of the People of God. Absolutely NOTHING could sidetrack these MEN of GOD from their SIN-EXPOSING messages. The PROPHET could not be BOUGHT with man’s money, TAUGHT by man’s methods or CAUGHT in man’s misconduct. Rather HE SOUGHT only to OBEY his Master. 

Can you IMAGINE what the Prophet would think about what is taking place in MUCH of CHURCH LIFE today? No doubt he would think some of these Pastors must have got their TRAINING at the LOCAL PET SHOP by the way they PET and PAMPER those in the PEWS. And what would the Prophet have to say to “PASTOR POPULAR” who begins his Sunday morning “RELIGIOUS MASSAGE” with these words: "SIT BACK.…RELAX…and ENJOY today’s LAID-BACK WORSHIP (?) EXPERIENCE?

I am afraid WE Preachers are lacking in SPIRITUAL matters. The great twins of HOLINESS and HUMILITY are conspicuous by their ABSENCE in the lives of most PREACHERS. Our PEWS are PARALYZED in regard to HOLY THINGS (e.g., Try having a CROWD  to attend an ALL NIGHT PRAYER MEETING)! SAD but so, the IDOL of BEING SUCCESSFUL has robbed most of our churches of their SPIRITUALITY

Need I remind us that if we are not SPIRITUAL, we then, according to God’s Word, are CARNAL! Which is it at your church? A prima donna preacher prancing in pride or a purified prophet preaching in power?

Oh BELOVED, both the PULPIT and PEW are so in NEED! We MUST REPENT and seek God for REAL REVIVAL. For too long our present day CHURCH has been a NON-PROPHET ORGANIZATION!! GOD HELP US!!!

Thank YOU once again for YOUR love, prayers and gifts. Please know that YOU are greatly LOVED, NEEDED and APPRECIATED by this preacher. 

Now a word from GOD’S WORD: “Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground; for it is time to seek the LORD, til he come and rain righteousness on you”--Hosea 10:12, KJV.

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