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Revive Us Again!

Volume 41

November 2018

Number 11


The word AGAIN denotes some PREVIOUS ACTION. Something (ACTION) had happened BEFORE a return to a Former Position or Condition. It is a word of ONCE MORE. ALL the uses of this word (AGAIN) carry in them the idea of RETURN or REPETITION. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of AGAINS found in the Word of God. None are more IMPORTANT for the CHURCH in this Present Hour than the one found in Pslam 85:6 (KJV) which says: “Wilt thou not revive us AGAIN that thy people may rejoice in Thee?” Here we find the Psalmist making a PLEA for a PREVIOUS ACTION, A PLEA FOR REVIVAL. 

When we come to the word AGAIN in relationship to REVIVAL, we discover TWO wonderful TRUTHS concerning the relationship. The FIRST TRUTH is that HISTORY is revealed in the word AGAIN. Thus REVIVAL has a Track Record (HISTORY). We MUST never forget HISTORY is a GREAT TEACHER. Contrary to Popular Opinion, HISTORY MATTERS. Yes, even to this Present Millennial Generation who seem to have little or no interest in the Past (HISTORY), HISTORY MATTERS! 

We must never forget the reason HISTORY repeats itself is because HUMAN NATURE remains the SAME. The History of Revival is found in both the WORD of GOD and CHURCH HISTORY. Thus we can learn much from Revival History. 

The SECOND WONDERFUL TRUTH is that HOPE is revealed in the word AGAIN in its relationship to REVIVAL. HOPE is a confident expectation, a solid assurance of blessings to be received from our Wonderful Lord God. History teaches us REVIVAL is obtainable. HOPE is not wishful thinking. It stands upon the FACT of Revival History. Dear Lord, REVIVE US AGAIN!

Thank YOU dear Faithful Ones for YOUR steadfast Support of your Love,Prayers and Gifts. I love YOU as always in our Wonderful Lord Jesus. 

Now a Word from His Word: “There is no new thing under the sun”--Ecclesiastes 1:9b (KJV).

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