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Volume 41

October 2018

Number 10


Where is your Church LOCATED? Is it Downtown, Inner City, Uptown, Suburbs, a Country-Rural setting or none of the above? May I suggest MANY if not MOST Churches in America are LOCATED in the Horrendous Ghetto known as COMFORT ZONE. To be sure, COMFORT ZONE living among God’s People is nothing new.

Both in the Old Testament (“Woe to them that are at EASE IN ZION”--Amos 6:1, KJV) and the New Testament (“and have need of NOTHING”--Revelation 3:17, KJV), this SPIRITUAL PLAGUE (deadly epidemic disease) has been found embedded (set firmly) in the PEOPLE OF GOD. The COMFORT ZONE is the most horrible, despicable place possible for the Churches to be LOCATED

We have Churches relocating from one area to another, such as from the Downtown to the Suburbs. It is, however, next to IMPOSSIBLE for a church to relocate from the COMFORT ZONE. In this Comfort Zone GHETTO one can expect to find POWERLESS PULPITS, PACIFYING PREACHERS, POLLUTED PEWS, DON’T ROCK THE BOAT or MAKE WAVES EVANGELISTS and CHURCHES that boast of their NUMBERLESS (countless) AMENITIES (something that serves as a COMFORT or CONVENIENCE).


Enters the WATCHMAN, as WATCHING has always been SERIOUS BUSINESS with HOLY GOD! The Watchman is to WATCH in order to WARN. The WATCHMAN in the Old Testament was for the security of God’s People. But you say: "Preacher, there is no mention of a Watchman in the New Testament!" Are you sure? Is not a Shepherd a Watchman? Does he not WATCH? (Luke 2:8 KJV). Is not a Pastor a Shepherd in the New Testament? Are not Preachers to be Watchmen as the Apostle Paul states in II Timothy 4:5 (KJV) concerning Preachers: "Watch thou in all things.” 

Don’t look for the WATCHMAN to be IN the spiritual Ghetto COMFORT ZONE. He will NOT be there. Rather you will find Him on the OUTSIDE sounding the alarm, warning GOD’S PEOPLE, at all cost, to STAY OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE

Thank YOU Faithful Ones. YOUR Help in Love, Prayers, and Giving are a True Blessing to this Ministry and Preacher. I love YOU dearly in our Lord Jesus. 

Now a word from HIS WORD: “I have set Watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day or night: ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence”--Isaiah 62:6 (KJV).

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