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The Greatest Sin in America!

Volume 40

September 2017

Number 9


Years ago, as a young boy, I heard an Evangelist preach at the First Baptist Church of Chickasaw, Alabama. His name was Jess “Hell Fire” Henley, from Atlanta, Georgia. He announced that he was going to preach in the Sunday evening service on the subject: “The Greatest Sin in America.” 

That Sunday night the church was packed. Everyone had come to hear of this “great sin” in our beloved nation. Was it to be murder, adultery, rape, alcohol or some other “big sin” we usually place at the top of the list of wrong doings? No, a thousand times no! Rather, Jess Henley preached that night on the subject: Prayerlessness: The Greatest Sin In America

Beloved, he was and is Right! What was true in that yesteryear is much, much more so Today. Seemingly the People of God are doing everything in America today EXCEPT praying! We can plan programs, promote rallies, raise money, exalt personalities, play softball, swallow goldfish, and many other “good things (?)” with the best of them. But, we can’t get the people of God to attend Real Prayer Meetings. We have substituted for prayer everything from “soup to nuts” on Wednesday nights in the churches in an attempt to get God’s people to be faithful. 

Beloved, I do not care what the “soup-to-nuts” program you have on Wednesday night is. It is NO Substitute For Prayer. For you see, there Is NO Substitute For Prayer…not with our Lord! "But," you say, “Preacher, the emphasis on Bigness in our day demands that we do the above things in our churches.” Beloved, when will we ever learn how Small bigness is in God’s sight unless it is Spiritual bigness?

To build a By-Pass around The City Of Prayer is the greatest mistake (Sin) that our Lord’s churches and people commit today. Yes, it takes Valuable Time to go Through the city of prayer as we travel in this life. But believe me…It Is Well Worth It! One report of leaders of Revival ministries from across America cited studies showing that “the average Pastor surveyed prays only three minutes Each Day.” 

Beloved, the Curse Of Prayerless Preachers is Powerless Pulpits, which Produces Problem Pews. Little wonder that our churches are so Spiritually sick in our day. One thing is Sure And Certain: We shall Never see Real revival in America Until God’s people get Serious about our Prayer Life! E.M. Bounds, that great prophet of prayer, said: “Every revival of which we have any record has been Bathed in prayer.” Beloved, it is Bath Time

Thank YOU for YOUR Faithfulness. I love YOU dearly in Jesus. Now a word from His Word: “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” -- James 5:16b, KJV.

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