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Spot On!

Volume 40

November 2017

Number 11


It is my joy to share with you a recent e-mail I received from a lady who was saved under my ministry years ago (in the 60’s). Her name is Judi Wilson. I BELIEVE her e-mail is SPOT ON! GLORY!!!

“I fell asleep last night with my TV on. When I awoke this morning at 4 am, the news was showing long lines of people, bundled up, camping out all night, to “buy” the latest version of the iPhone. Within seconds, the news reported that hundreds of thousands of folks were upset and in a state of extreme distress because President Trump’s “twitter account” had been cancelled, and their communication line to him had been broken, and were demanding that the cause be found and restored immediately! 

My mind went to a rhetorical question posed by a young Pastor a few weeks back: 'What would a true revival in America look like?' Pastor, this is what I see:

Fox News, 4 AM Eastern time. 

Christian Pastors continue to gather around the clock, with their congregations in humble prayer and fasting, seeking the face and voice of God by the reading of scripture (the Bible) and revolting against personal sin, asking, believing and expecting God to heal their lives, homes, churches and land. The lines to enter the churches go around for blocks, as people wait to enter.

It seems that the Internet is overwhelmed with the posting of Bible verses, and praises for forgiveness and restoration of lives. 

President Trump and the entire U.S. Congress gathered for the past 24 hours to pray TOGETHER, asking God for forgiveness, wisdom and courage to lead America to be the righteous nation that rejoices, and for the healing of God’s shining city on a hill. 

President Trump’s only tweet today was simply, “I KNOW I am a sinner, that Jesus Christ paid for all my sin on the Cross, and I have turned my heart and life over to Him. Going forward, I will spend all my twitter time, praying for all our people to come to this same place in their relationship with our Great, Loving, and Merciful God!

It is being reported that sounds of the hymn, “To God Be The Glory” are being heard from the schools across America, and teachers and students are bringing their Bibles to class. Abortion clinics are not open, the porn internet has been shutdown, the rainbow flag is being waved as a symbol of thankful hearts for God’s Mercy on America, and the rescue of millions of lives from the bonds of the sin of perversion. 

Governors of our southern border states, report that thousands of Christian volunteers, are lining the borders with Bibles and prayer, and that many who would bring drugs and violence to our country are getting saved, and others are just turning back with their cargo of death. 

In other news, reports of child abuse, domestic violence, drug overdose, drunk driving, road rage, and gang activity have all but disappeared from our streets. 

It appears that the lying of news reporters and the rancor between political parties is in great decline.

In sports, ALL the NFL players and owners, plan to kneel in prayer before each game, and stand for our national anthem and flag. Seems that our citizens have all gone color blind.

College campuses are once again a place for learning, and the radical anti-America, anti-God professors have all been fired. 

Child welfare sources report that child abuse is all but ended, and children are playing without fear of abuse at home.

THIS IS WHAT REVIVAL IN AMERICA WILL LOOK LIKE. It is ours for the claiming. God said so!" -jw-

2 Chronicles 7:14. KJV--"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

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