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Revive Us Again!

Volume 40

May 2017

Number 5


The Psalmist prayed: “WILT THOU NOT REVIVE US AGAIN: THAT THY PEOPLE MAY REJOICE IN THEE?” (Psalm 85:6 KJV) It was the Prayer Cry of one who wanted GOD’S PEOPLE to come ALIVE to HIS GRACE and POWER. That is what REVIVAL is all about: The RESTORATION of God’s CHURCH to her true nature and purpose. 

FEW will question the NEED for such AN AWAKENING today. For many good people, even WITHIN THE CHURCH, life has LOST its meaning. As the CHURCH FLOUNDERS IN MEDIOCRITY, the WORLD plunges deeper into sin. Moral standards in public and private are debased. LAWLESSNESS abounds. A DAY OF RECKONING is sure to come. DEGENERATION HAS ITS LIMITS! The POINT OF NO RETURN may be nearer than any of us imagine.

But there is HOPE! Many times in history, when CATASTROPHY THREATENED, GOD’S PEOPLE TURNED TO THE LORD and found in Him DELIVERANCE.  It can and will happen again….IF the PEOPLE OF GOD will meet HIS CONDITIONS FOR REVIVAL. 

The one MUST when it comes to the matter of REVIVAL is REPENTANCE. The Bible picture of REPENTANCE  is found when the Psalmist states: “I thought on my ways and TURNED my feet unto thy testimonies” (Psalm 119:50 KJV) Simply put, TURN from my ways to His Ways. Beloved, WE MUST REPENT!!

THANK YOU FOR STANDING WITH THIS REVIVAL MINISTRY. I remind you again that a TRUE revival ministry IS NOT POPULAR. We do not enjoy having our sins exposed. Your PRAYERS and GIFTS are from the LORD!!. I love YOU dearly in HIM. 

Now a word from HIS WORD: “For our transgressions are multiplied before thee, and our sins testify against us: for our transgressions are with us: and as for our iniquities, we know them" (Isaiah 59:12 KJV).

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