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Romancing the Church

Volume 40

August 2017

Number 8


Scripture tells us that while the Apostle Paul was in ATHENS: "His spirit was stirred in him when he saw the City WHOLLY GIVEN TO ADOLATRY” (Acts 17:16). Just imagine what a STIRRING would be in his spirit today should he be able to visit AMERICA. Without a doubt, the number ONE industry in AMERICA at PRESENT is IDOL MAKING!! America is a NATION of WORSHIPPERS OF FALSE gods! And from this MEGA MULTITUDE of gods, THE CHURCH certainly has HER SHARE!!!

It is by DIVINE DESIGN that our SOVEREIGN, HOLY GOD placed the FIRST Commandment FIRST (Exodus 20:1-5). GOD, in HIS OMNISCIENCE, knew that HIS PEOPLE would be confronted with “THE IDOLS OF CANAAN” (Psalm 106:34-39). These “IDOLS OF CANAAN” did what no ARMY in Canaan could do--brought TOTAL DEFEAT to GOD’S PEOPLE.

I want us now, however, to narrow our thinking to ONE Idol (false god) that is ROMANCING THE CHURCH at present: namely, the false god of CULTURE! Never in my lifetime has THE CHURCH been so INTIMIDATED by CULTURE. This INTIMIDATING is leading to DOMINATING. Seemingly, everything THE CHURCH is involved with at present MUST bow at the altar of the False god of CULTURE. 

The present CHURCH GROWTH MOVEMENT could NOT survive without this IDOL OF CULTURE. YOU see, the so-called “MARKET-DRIVEN CHURCH” in reality is THE CULTURE-DRIVEN CHURCH. Everything in CHURCH LIFE MUST be made PALATABLE to PAGAN CULTURE to satisfy this IDOL. The CROWD that has SOLD OUT to the god of CULTURE would have us believe one can BELIEVE like a CONSERVATIVE yet BEHAVE like a LIBERAL. 

Beloved, this kind of THEOLOGY (so called) will SHIPWRECK THE CHURCH. Southern Baptist Conservatives may have won THE BATTLE FOR THE BIBLE but we will LOSE THE WAR if we place STYLE (the church chasing ACCEPTANCE by CULTURE) over SUBSTANCE (TRUE BIBLICAL THEOLOGY). Whoever said it, said it well: “He who marries the spirit of the age soon finds himself a WIDOWER.”

Thank YOU for your FAITHFULNESS in SUPPORT of this Preacher and REVIVAL MINISTRY. YOU are a BLESSING! I love YOU dearly in our Lord. 

Now a Word from HIS WORD: “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man”--Psalm 118:8, KJV.

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